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About Us

We are parents just like you. We know that the knowledge of computer belongs to basic literacy (reading and writing) in modern society. We do not want either to adore or demonize PC, but use it as a means to improve knowledge and skills (not just the computer ones) of your offspring.

Unlike the advertisements for beauty products we are not afraid to write that all games and activities have been tested on children. They were tested on our children and our friends` children.


We want to create a place where you and your kids will find games and activities promoting their knowledge and skills. And after some time also the place where it will be possible to contact each other and share experience, knowledge and ideas.


Remember that the computer is an equipment for getting information, learning and entertainment as well as a book or a pencil and paper. Do not use our games and activities for the postponement of the child, but try to engage actively in the game with him or her, you see that your child will be grateful.